How did 1947 come about? It's simple - we, the founders of this beer (all Indian-Americans), were tired of the beers available at South Asian restaurants and events that never really tasted good with the food. We felt there wasn't a beer that really celebrated the Indian culture.

And so the journey began. We decided to brew and create a beer that perfectly complimented the rich and exciting flavors of Indian cuisine - a beer that was going to set a new standard!

We had hundreds of people taste our beer with Indian food. What we heard is exactly what we had set out to do:
The beer is flavorful on the front end yet smooth on the back end - the food and beer bring the perfect balance to your palette.

And we had hundreds of people taste the beer without any food - because at the end of the day, beer isn't always had with food and we wanted to make sure our beer tasted better than any other Indian beer available. And people seemed to agree:
This beer has such a clean and smooth finish - this is my new beer of choice!

We set out to create a beer that would really compliment Indian cuisine and help us celebrate the culture, and we ended up with a beer that not only does that, but it tastes so good it's appealing to beer drinkers everywhere!